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My name is Bee Flanagan. I am a Life and Business Coach, a Numerologist and a Columnist with a regular article entitled The Secret To A Successful Life.

As a Life Coach I empower my clients to reach their greatest personal potential in several areas of their lives. When face with Life’s challenges, day to day living can become stressful and disjointed. Having a personal Life Coach enables individuals to bring about changes in their lives and start to enjoy living life successfully.

As a Business Coach my services will cover a variety of areas which include the motivation and development of an individual or a business in order to increase their sales and productivity. On a corporate level I will provide an in house training programme to business groups within any industry, who may be looking to see improvements in all areas of their business including the area of people development and sales. My longterm experience in the retail management field has given me the communication and managements skills to adapt my brand into any given business or company.

As a Numerologist I will provide Personal Life Direction Readings for clients on a one to one basis. This enables individuals to find direction in life if they find themselves stuck or blocked. The information received through the numbers in a person’s date of birth and name is empowering, to say the least.

I intend to develop my brand into the education field and look at providing training for Transition Year Students in personal development areas to help them improve their self confidence and self belief and in the longterm bring this into the full secondary school system.

My passion in life is to motivate and encourage others to live successful fulfilling lives and I do this by passing on my knowledge and experience. I have over 20 years experience in retail and management motivating and training high levels of staff.


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